Operational Procedures with BrandM8

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) form an important part of day to day activities for most businesses. Typically, there is record keeping associated with these tasks to inform the business owner or the broader company of the level of compliance to these daily task requirements.

Unfortunately, when these are recorded on paper, there is no real evidence that these tasks were completed accurately or at the specified time. This could leave a business exposed to a variety of risks.

BrandM8 can easily assist in remedying this problem as every action is User, Date and Time stamped. Taking it a step further, checklist can be scheduled only to be available at specific times, meaning staff need to complete tasks when they are due. Push notifications also ensure staff are reminded of what needs to be done, and when.

What can BrandM8 deliver over a paper-based system?

Scheduled checklists: Only allow checklists to be completed during scheduled timeframes.


Guided workflow: With Supporting Text, provide additional information on procedures to assist end users.


Push notifications: Be reminded of what checklists need to be completed.


Customised checklists: Filter out irrelevant sections or specific questions when loading a checklist for a site.