Site and Brand Auditing with BrandM8

Strong brands have very high levels of brand compliance - i.e. they are consistent and constantly meet or exceed standards set by the business. This compliance delivers a level of comfort to customers as they know what to expect when visiting a site.

Area Managers or Business Coaches have long been tasked with the function of assisting their sites achieve these standards. Part of their role is to complete site and brand audits on a regular basis, and use the results to assist the business in moving forward by implementing recommended change.

Audits can be quite complex, especially when they involve varying scoring models. Attempting to calculate results and collate whole business metrics from a paper-based auditing system is clunky and open to error.

BrandM8 simplifies this whole process by doing all the leg work - calculating scores, preparing reports and instantly delivering these to end users.

What can BrandM8 deliver over a paper-based system?

Scoring: Various scoring methods can be implemented within the one audit checklist allowing for weighted results.


Travel path: Add barcodes to checklists and auditors can scan their way around a site, providing time-based metrics.


Report generation: Beautifully rendered reports can be automatically generated at the completion of audits.


Collated results: All audit data may be rolled-up to provide area/state/national metrics on brand standards.