Food Safety with BrandM8

Most retail food businesses are required to keep detailed records of their food preparation in respect of food safety. Should an potential issue arise, a business can refer to its records to determine the appropriate food safety checks were completed.

However... many business record their food safety checks on paper. And the challenges here become obivous.

  • Where is the food safety folder?

  • Why is there a page missing?

  • I can't read what this says....

This is where a digital checklist system, such as BrandM8 can deliver so many benefits in respect of food safety. And the ultimate result should involve fresher, safer food served to customers with a greater peace of mind.

What can BrandM8 deliver over a paper-based system?

Information delivery: Receive alerts in your inbox when issues arise at any location.


Process Accuracy: Users are guided through checklist processes, ensuring correct procedure.


Evidence Components: Take photos in checklists, add comments, and scan barcodes


Bluetooth Integration: Use technology such as pyrometers and remote monitoring sensors to record temperature.


Follow-up Checklists: Trigger retests when certain conditions are not met within checklists.


Custom Dashboards: At a glance, view what is going on in relation to key KPIs.